Claudia Dorina Hanisch

Claudia Dorina is member of the  KUNSTFREUNDE  DONAUWÖRTH  e.V.
Artistic Experience and Work:
2021             Joint exhibition in Nördlingen
2020             Participation in „Forum Junge Kunst“ in Nördlingen, Donau-Ries
2019             Participation in the Annual Exhibition of Donauwörth’s Artists‘ Association
2019              Life painting in Rain
2019              Participation in 1st Harburg Art Summer. Common exhibition of 31 local artists
2018               Body & Face: Common Exhibition with Ines Mösle in Rain
2018                Participation in the Exhibition „Forum Junge Kunst“ of The Young Entrepreneurs, Donau-Ries
2017                Participation in the Annual Exhibition of Donauwörth’s Artists‘ Association
2019 to date:  Permanent exhibition in Rehling, near Augsburg
2015 – 2019     Permanent exhibition in Gunzenhausen, Germany
2014                Exhibition and Live Painting, Kulturherbst Harburg, Germany
2013                Participation in several artistic projects in Siena, Italy
2013 / 2014   Exhibitions and Live Paintings at Meetlife Café, Siena, Italy
2011                Vernissage: Staatsinstitut für die Ausbildung von Fachlehrern, Augsburg
2010 / 2011   Teacher of Painting Courses at Bildungswerk Harburg, Germany
2009 & 2010   Nude Art Course with Monika Wex, Augsburg, Germany
2008 & 2010   Watercolour Portrait Workshops with Lambert van Bommel, Augsburg
2005                Landscape Workshop with Paulus Glaswinkler, Kaisheim, Germany
2004                Portrait and Nude Art Course with Aleksej Kitaev, VHS Donauwörth
2003                Watercolour Course with Mrs. Ostermaier, Bildungswerk Harburg, Germany
2016 – these days ….      she is living in Madrid, Spain
2012 – 2016     Language and Culture, University of Siena, Italy
2008 – 2012     Staatsinstitut für die Ausbildung für Fachlehrer in Augsburg, Germany
2006 – 2008     Technical Secondary School for Arts in Augsburg, Germany
Born 30 June 1990 in Nördlingen, Germany